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See Sydney go fast ... down stairs, through corridors ...

through ceiling hatches in elevators, down elevator shafts...

and into backseats of limos in Paris

with guys named Dreyfus
who bankroll SD-6 stuff

See Sydney explaining all of this

to CIA agent Vaughn, barely
stopping for breath before she continues with ...

the story about this guy named Hassan in Egypt who SD-6
trades weapons with ...

like the ones Dixon and Syd check out ...

at their private demo by Hassan, who uses one on his helper when the clip won't hold ...

which has Syd and Dixon going ewwwwww

See Syd tell Agent Vaughn that she can bring down SD-6 in two months tops

See Vaughn say, oh, yeah? Then draw me a map of SD-6

See Syd's map of SD-6

See the CIA's map of SD-6


A smidgen of a gloat

And with the knowledge that her two-month undercover stint will
probably take many television seasons to complete, Syd leaves the
fake blood donor truck and turns back into a grad student, a little
wiser and the recipient of a smiley face bandaid

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