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When last we left Sydney, she was holding a plutonium core in her hand
while a gun was pointed at her head by Bad Guy Hassan

Aforementioned Bad Guy Hassan

Being the nimble minx that she is, Sydney is able to fling the core into the air, then kick the gun out of Hassan's hand before knocking him down, just in time to catch the core so she can make her escape

in a conveniently-placed heliocopter

Back at grad school, Syd's prof is waiting for her excuse for a late paper

so Syd tosses the plutonium core into the air, kicks the paper out of the prof's hand ... oh, wait, she just makes up a good excuse 

At Syd's apartment

Syd and Francie have a moment talking about family, and how Syd's dad is weird and all

and Francie says why not go to Dad Bristow's work and talk to him?

So as Daddy Jack arrives at work

Syd says hi, and can we talk

and Jack says of course not in broad daylight

and Syd looks picturesquely wistful

Back at SD-6

Sloane mentions the R word - Rambaldi. They meant to say Rambaldi in the pilot,
when they mentioned the Mueller device. It actually was invented by a guy named
Rambaldi in the fifteenth century, a sort of prophet and architect and artist and
scientist, a veritable treasure trove of episodes for Leonard Nimoy-narrated pseurdo-
science series on the Scifi Channel

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