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A week later, Anna and Sydney are still opening that case

to reveal a paper with some binary code

and two nifty gadgets that immediately spew acid over the paper as Anna and Sydney rush to memorize the code

and run to their respective panel vans to write it down before they forget

Anna remembers in Russian

while Sydney remembers in English after

Vaughn warns her to give SD-6 the correct code

Back in LA

things are a little testy in the meet wagon

Sydney is all, you can't give me orders and I wanted to tell SD-6 the wrong 0's and 1's

Vaughn's all, and that would have been a dumb idea 'cause they would have found you out. So there.

Later at SD-6

Sloane greets a new transfer named Russett with a nice exposition on the life and times
of Milo Rambaldi, who wrote the code Syd memorized in 1489, and whose designs were
so advanced he had modern parts lists attached

Sloane gives Sydney her mission - seems the Rambaldi code translated to a latitude
and longitude, so she's going to Malaga, Spain, to the exact spot of the code, which
is a 500 year old church, and look for something called "golden sun"

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