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After being abducted in the last episode, Sydney wakes up in a cell, chained to the wall

Sloane is busy filling in Russek on their suspicions that Syd is a mole, and that they've got this nifty idea of how to make Syd talk

They'll beat up Russek, put him in a cell with Sydney, and have Russek tell her that he'll be killed if she doesn't tell everything she knows to SD-6

which is what happens

and basically what he does, begging Syd to tell SD-6 everything so he won't be killed

Syd's all, hmmm

Back in the office at SD-6, Sydney's desk is cleared away

which gets Jack wonderin', especially when he finds out that security section cleared it

So Jack heads to a friends office, and wants to know what's goin' on

Jack finds out about the second transmission in Geneva, the mole finger pointing to Syd, and the fact therefore that Syd is in major deep doo-dah

Syd in major deep doo-dah

with a non-talking guy with a hypo

and a taser

So Jack starts to bustle and think

A short time later, Marshall sees something very peculiar on his monitor

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