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Moments after Syd learns that Mom was a murderous KGB agent, Dad suggests a talk

but Syd's not in the mood

so Jack just looks beat up and glum

At her house, Syd gets out the Mom box, with Mom pictures

and decides a fire is a good idea for the contents

Later in self-storage, Syd says she's sorry that her mom killed Vaughn's dad

and Vaughn says ... uh .. he doesn't say anything ...

Aaawwwww, big hug

While hugs are happening in self-storage, bad guys enter the SD-6 garage, or rather badder guys, since SD-6 is actually bad guys

and start burning their way in

as the rest of the team checks the ammo

Post dramatic hug syndrome, Syd says she wants out

and Vaughn asks, like witness protection?

and Syd says no, like let's go to a hockey game together

an idea that really pleases Vaughn, being the hockey fan he is,
until he realizes that they'd get killed by SD-6

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