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The surrender show

Monitoring the surrender

Swiftly running Action Vaughn, trying to get to a good location in order to get a clear cell phone signal. 

Need help?

Yeah, but where were you the first time

You're gonna be toast for not giving me my phone messages!

Sydney tied

Sydney champagned

Sydney worried about cooties from the champagne

And yet another LA venue, what appears to be a restaurant

where Will meets with daughter of his story lead to give her the latest info

Pinhead with the pins

You're a coward

Am not

Carping henchwoman, who should know better than to interrupt a psychopath in mid-taunt

Dead henchwoman, shot straight through her bullet proof vest 
- and so if these aren't bullet proof, why did they wear them? 
Wouldn't they have been more comfortable in just, say, a shirt? 

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