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Jack helps Sydney get the necessary recordings of Sloane's voice 
to break into the SD-6 vaults that are locked with voice-activated locks

Since they still  need the "ch" sound, Sydney asks Arvin if he ever wanted children

But I have you, Sydney
<now what the heck does that imply?>

Jack gets the finger prints also necessary for the lock, 
although probably the finger would have come off easily again

Jack gets the voice code

Sloane gets a call

I did the Khasinau job for you

And now someone must do your wife

Bad deal for Sloane

Inconspicuous conspicuous off-shore storage facility for SD-6

Sydney swims

Sydney blow torches

Sydney takes the page

Dixon watches

What's going on?

You have to trust me, but I have to leave now

Jack picks to the same warehouse
where the Holy Grail has been kept since WWII

and gets the Rambaldi ampoule

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