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Before the mission, Jack visits Irina with a special gift,

a necklace made of C4 that he can detonate at will

Irina and the

And off they go on their first mission together

On board the plane to New Dehli, near the nukes, Irina takes a moment to give Syd advice on how to handle her feelings for Vaughn

and Jack gives Irina advice on how to stop giving advice

and Syd tells them both to shut up

Back in LA, during the overcoat and lawn-bowling season,

Will tells Vaughn he's found fifty kids who got perfect scores on the KGB-doctored test in 1982

Uh ... good

In New Dehli, the Family Bristow arrive at the train station

Jack gets the fake mustache

Irina gets the explosive jewelry

and Syd gets a case of the ditzy blonds

Jack gets an unexpected smooch

and Syd thinks things are getting weirder

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