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Spyder Mom in her parlor ...

lookin' for a fly ...

And she caught one!
So is this suppose to be Jack or Syd or Sloane or someone else, or maybe just a nice juicy bit of protein, or possibly Jeff Goldblum, or maybe Bart Simpson?

Meanwhile back at their house, Syd and Will discuss the recent
Bristow family outing to Kashmir and how strange it was for Syd to
be with both of her parents, doing fun things like family machine gun practice   Large    

Yeah, that's weird   Large    

What is also weird is the way you two clam up everytime I come into the room. It's bad enough that I'm not getting a lot of plotline this season ...

Later, Syd visits Mom on her rooftop exercise area

which we get this lovely picture of Irina   Large    

I'm sorry I put politics in front of mother-daughter stuff


Tearful huggles from Mom

Tearful huggles from Syd

Long shot of huggles in this overly-exposed bit of film

Potential rifle shots in this bit of film, from US Marshals that don't like huggles

Aww, eensy weensy spider Mom

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