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Back at the CIA, Irina discovers lots of unexplained South American trips for Briault

Jack muses on the known fact that everyone in the world hates Sloane

True, and you need to check out the hotels because that's where I met my contact when I was spying on you

Now Jack really didn't enjoy hearing that

and it seems that Irina did not enjoy reminding him of that, but the Chinese take-out was tasty

Back in Nice, dinner nummers

chit chat nummers

Ooo, eye contact nummers

breathing nummers

Meanwhile, outside the restaurant

Kane's goons who are trailing Syd try to figure out who Vaughn is

and discover he is CIA, and he has a library card

Back in the restaurant, lots of mellow

and wine and looks   Large    

and looks and wine, etc.   Large    

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