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Sydney tries to apologize to Dixon

but Dixon is not having any

Meanwhile, at the CIA rotunda, reports come in from all over the
world that all Alliance cells have been taken over

Sydney needs

what Vaughn needs

Osculation!  Video Clip    

which goes on

and on

and on

and on

and on

not even interruptible by Weiss

Hey, this is real sparkage!
But as the Prior at the evil monk's monastery says,
what can you expect from a regular masticator and an alleged matriculator?

Later, from an unnamed location with a nice desk and a drink, Sark calls to report on the successful transfer of info to Sydney who sent it to the CIA, who brought down the Alliance

Sloane is pleased with this first phase. He asks if the second phase is in place

and he smiles a smile that should itself be criminal

At Francie's restaurant

Sark checks in with Phase Two who says that yes, she has taken care of

poor Francie

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