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In a plane flying away from Panama,

Sloane acts all solicitous and asks Irina how she is

and Irina acts all polite and says fine

and Sark acts like he doesn't believe either one of them

but doesn't get a chance to overhear more since as soon as Sloane
brings up Sydney, Irina sends Sark out of the cabin   Large    

Sloane says he and Emily always loved Sydney as if she were their own child   Large    

whereupon Irina tells Sloane that he's both crummy husband and crummy father material, which is why they have their present arrangement   Large    

Back in LA, Kendall outlines some changes in their

I'm out and Jack's in because of the Panama deal since he put this nifty passive transmitter into Irina after he took out the active transmitter Marshall stuck in her shoulder, so we'll be able to track her as soon as it's turned on   Large    

Yes, Jack admits to being very smart, and definitely understands how things can be turned on by Irina

and Marshall says, gee, how'd you do that

and Jack changes the subject   Large    

Later, Vaughn finds Syd at the shooting range and says he's been cleared,
except for some minor protocol, and he doesn't think Syd should
go on a mission to find her mother, because she might have to shoot her

and Syd tells him not to be condescending

and Vaughn tells Syd to can it, and he's right

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