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Syd activates Marshall's new anti-eavesdropping watch for a brief
Cone of Silence

Syd says she made up the whole thing about her memories returning to get leverage to see him, and what should she do, and Vaughn is married

Jack says she has to continue his investigation of her disappearance, that he knew Syd was alive, that he discovered something very disturbing, and that Vaughn's a schmuck, and that Dad loves her - aawwww

It's Paris

It's the CIA team led by Weiss and including Sydney, who got her way

It's the team's van pulling up to the supposed Covenant outpost

It's Syd and Weiss going in with flashlights drawn

It's Dixon and Lindsey monitoring

It's the building, with the CIA white dots in the building and the
baddie pink dots surrounding them

It's an ambush

It's Dixon saying get out

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