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Sloane's all, hey, same obsessions here, Jack, and did I tell you the
Rambaldi machine gave me only a message of peace

Jack's all, yeah, right, you want to buy a bridge?, and what did you to to Sydney?, and for the record I'm never as slimy as you because the bad I do I do to help Sydney

Sloane's all, oh yeah? Well, I've got a disk for you with info I found after looking into Syd's murder - lots of dead ends, but hey, take a look

And so consistently-skeptical Jack leaves the office of possibly-slimy Sloane with a disk
in hand that we hope we'll hear about in another episode

Back at the Joint Task Force cell for wayward terrorists, a very surprised Sark gets a visit from ...

alive Sydney

and Sark asks the big question: if Syd's alive, whose body did they identify as hers?

Syd says, bet you and slimy Sloane know the answer, and you won't tell until later
this season, just like it's going to take a whole bunch of episodes for me to find out
about my missing two years

which generates Sark guffaws over the fact that Syd can't remember
the last two years - Large  

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