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Simon and Kaylee banter over swearing... a scene that doesn't really add to any of the plotlines but is cute all the same

Bye guys! I've got a separate plotline this week!

Well we've finished our banter so we're off to our plotline!
I'm sure they'll both hook up by the end!

Simon observes Jayne in his natural habitat - chaos and destruction

Jayne had discovered a cunning alternative to a holster - an alternative so cunning he needed to destroy Simon's medbay
Alas, Mal vetoes the clever "gun-taped-to-abdomen" (TM) ploy
and tells him to rip the tape off

Jayne's sad puppy look of pain

A nice gray Serenity lands...

...on a dusty dry planet that doesn't at all look like southern California

Mal exposits their job on the smelly mud world is to distract the locals by pretending to be buyers while retrieving a MacGuffin hidden nearby

Book and River pose artistically in the background while waiting for their part of the episode.

Wash is less than thrilled to go with Mal and visit the local color

Simon gets roped into the crime because Mal called him prissy

From the mind that brought you the holster of pain comes the floppy hat and goggles disguise - guaranteed to fool Lois Lane

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