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So Doc, you ever hear of Shan Yu?

Simon looks at River's brain scan

He said you should make nice with someone for years and then hold them up to a volcano and you'll meet the real person

That's great...

Purty Serenity

So, tortured extra, ever hear of Shan Yu?

I need you all to be elsewhere when I bring my client on board


River and Kaylee run past

Kaylee eats the apple she swiped from River and we learn that
Mal and Zoe always eat their apples using knives since grenades
were put in their apples during the war, which was habit forming
since they didn't want their heads exploding

Let's tell my plan to sell the meds we stole in Ariel to the captain

The silence of marital non-bliss

Hey Wash, already heard it and no

Poor Wash

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