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Sleeping River

We see everything from River's perspective, including her
ability to read minds, so we also see everything from
everyone else's perspective and if you think that's loopy then
you're in for one hell of a ride

Simon tells Kaylee about his med school antics involving nakedness and song

My voice says I stood naked on top of a statue and my mind says I'd still be there if it weren't for you - I probably mean the hospital and not the public nudity because I'd be pretty cold by now

Wandering River enters the kitchen

The reward for turning you in was really big and I'm a mercenary and the money made me stupid a few episodes ago so sorry about turning you over to the Feds

I don't care if you're innocent or not, which is really weird of me to be thinking and further proves that I need an episode devoted to who I really am

Wash and Zoe smoochies

Inara wants to visit a nice world with respectable clients

Inara thinks Mal should just tell her because she's a big girl and Mal thinks none of it means a thing and rather than stare at that for five minutes trying to figure out what they mean, lets move on... confusing yet deeply meaningful imagery!

River picks up the branch and says that it isn't what they think
it is, it's just an object

Lots of yelling for River to put it down

The branch wasn't a branch at all

No touching guns because they're dangerous and it might lead
to more mind-boggling (yet very cool) symbolism

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