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Once upon a time, there was a very wet redhead

who was being dipped in water by some rather unpleasant types in military uniforms

and who is set in a chair to await ...

Flashback Nightmare! Yes, folks, it's the exam nightmare we all have

and Sydney fudges her way through a few extra seconds of writing

before she meets boyfriend doc

who is all nice and 

proposes to her

and Sydney says yes

and they have a smooch

Later, Syd fills in her friend Francie about the engagement

and Syd is all, wow, can you believe it?

and Francie is all, wow, this is great

and adds that Syd's dad would not appreciate the news because he's
a schmuck but that Syd's mom would have been so happy for her,
thus establishing that Syd and dad don't get along, and that mom is dead

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