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Sydney's still watching the Badenweiler plant blow up

Dixon's still urging Sydney to move

Well, eventually Syd exits the German explosion scene and once back in LA,
Syd tells the grisly details to Vaughn

Syd's got a big guilt complex about not stopping the detonation and causing the the exploding of CIA agents

Vaughn's got a lot of supportive comments, like she did all she could have done, the agents died for their country, etc.

Later at the Sydney house, it's some quiet family-picture-looking time


when Syd gets a phone call from the widow of the FBI agent mentioned in the
missing Dad file - seems she had called the widow last episode

So Syd goes to see Mrs. Calder

and asks if her husband ever mentioned investigating a Jack Bristow

Seems Mr. Calder never said anything about work at all. Also seems Mr. Calder looks familiar

a face Syd remembers

Syd dashes home, gets out the family photos again

and discovers Calder of the FBI agent was also the supposed postal worker killed in the same car crash that killed Sydney's mom

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