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One night in Bangkok

the bars are open

and Irina ain't free   Large    

Irina and the Russian dude in a knife game in the back room

who spills the beans about the Rambaldi being in Hong Kong now

just before Irina spills his blood, and that of his two goons


Woof woof

Woof woof woof

Back on their private jet, this time headed to Hong Kong

Irina thanks Jack for his timely back-up shooting at the bar which saved her life, then says she remembers Jack introducing her to Sloane and that Jack and Arvin were such good friends back then, and what happened

And Jack says read the bumper stickers, and that things changed 
when Sloane went all Rambaldi on him and that Sloane seems to have
a personal connection to Rambaldi, and then Irina went Rambaldi too,
but that he didn't because he had Syd 

Irina thanks Jack for raising Syd and being there for their daughter

and Jack says get some rest

and Irina looks all melancholy and teary-eyed again

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