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Later in Not Francie's bedroom, Not Francie is doing a little hypnosis

on Will, and getting him to remember

spy satellite info

Under a lovely stock footage night-time picture of Panama

and a lovely hotel room in Panama

Jack and Irina make plans to trap Sloane the next day

and Irina suggests that they take out the chip Marshall put in her shoulder

which Jack does

and Jack does a little thinking   Video       Large    

and Irina does a little thinking   Large    

and they both do a little moving

and decide at last it's   Large    

it's osculation time

Back in LA, Weiss tells Syd that Vaughn is going to be charged with
a crime and that she should find Vaughn and talk to him, and that he'll
help by getting the GPS location of Vaughn's car

so Syd finds Vaughn talking to one of the KGB guys in Yeager's pictures

and watches as Vaughn turns over money to this guy

Once the guy leaves, Syd joins Vaughn

What the heck is going on, and don't say nothing because you are under investigation by the agency   Large    

So Vaughn explains that he's been doing his own unauthorized investigation of Irina for the past six months to see if he could figure out her agenda, and to make himself feel better working with the murderer of his father when he doesn't have to do it on faith

and he has found zilch, nada, nothing at all, to indicate that she's a baddie
with an agenda   Large    

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