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Back to the caper at hand, Marshall's got an idea, one from his high school days, remembered fondly by his cute picture on the screen

Marshall, it seems, is good at card counting, so he says let him go to the mob place in Osaka, gamble, and get caught card counting, which should get him to the back room with the computer and the virus

After the meeting, Lauren invites Sydney to say hi to conscious Vaughn when she gets a chance

Meanwhile, at another yellow location, there stands a Sark

and Simon's gang bud, who need Simon's new client ID'd

from this picture

something Sark is only too happy to do, telling all about the Bristow clan and Julia

Later in France

Jack in alias meets with Simon to set up their deal

which Simon likes

Once again, a cell phone interruption, and Simon, Frank Sinatra
hat on head, listens as gang bud spills the beans about the Bristows

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