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Lots of lookin' at that Rambaldi tissue sample   found in The Cube last episode

lots of picture takin'

lots of re-wrappin'

Sydney asks Marshall, how's Cube studies goin'?

Marshall says, studies no-go because Cube goes away, with high-level
security types, and I wish I could put a tracer on it to see where it's going

So Syd tries to find out where The Cube is going, from these guys who say they are
Department of Special Research (DSR  ), but they're not talking

Syd complains to Jack about The Cube, her life, and the universe

First we get the cube, now we loose it, and we need the info

Jack says time to regroup and re-evaluate - do the homework, go over all the clues so far, and I'll meet you again in the next episode

So Syd goes home and does her homework

when she suddenly hears an intruder

and gets knocked out with a tranq gun

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