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Their agreement with Lazarey was that he was going to disappear after they found
The Cube, and Sydney would deliver said Cube to Kendall. Instead, he got a DVD

So Syd gets a video show of ...

herself, saying that since everrything always gets stolen from the CIA and The Cube is definitely important, she'd rather take care of it herself, then erase her memories
of what she did with it

with this nifty memory erasing procedure

She says if she comes back, Kendall should not to tell her what happened

Kendall says he's telling her now, because the Covenant has The Cube, and we'll finally now get to the crux of the exposition (insert drumroll):
seems the Covenant believes in a second Rambaldi coming via a child.

Seems the fanatical followers of Rambaldi believe the DNA in The Cube can be transformed and used to fertilize the egg of a surrogate mother, someone referred to as The Chosen One

All they needed was The Cube, and to extract eggs from The Chosen One, hence the
scar she has

Finally at the end of the exposition, Kendall explains he got the DVD two days before she turned up in Hong Kong. He was pissed, but willing to let it go. But now four months later, Sydney went straight for The Cube and he wants to know why

Syd says, a little more exposition then. It began a few weks ago with ...

an envelope that Sloane had, in her handwriting, with the Rome apartment key  
for Julia Thorne, which lead to a discovery of a code  

which lead to the discovery in the desert of a box containing Lazarey's severed hand  

which lead her to Lazarey   and to The Cube   - so basically the Covenant planted the trail of clues and wanted her to lead them to The Cube

Kendall wants to know why she didn't destroy The Cube. Syd's not sure - says maybe
there is another step, maybe someone else is involved, because there has to be some
mystery continuing after this episode

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