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A day later at the JTF, Marshall explains that the Restoration decrypted says to
find The Passenger using something called The Hourglass, which just happens to be
residing in a private collection in LA, owned by a Yakuza. But the only person who
can use it is The Passenger's dad, i.e. soon-to-be-executed Arvin Sloane

Once more Syd and Jack talk about Sloane, and the need to stop his execution
if they hope to find the Passenger


Syd says sis may be an innocent, and I could help her, and do you really want to do this just to get back at Sloane for a 25-year-old affair? And anyway, I requisitioned the Reed papers too and read all about the Trust, so we have proof it does exist, so what ya gonna do, Dad?

Jack points out that a child of Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane could never be innocent. And Gosh darn it, OK, I'll tell the DOJ guy about The Trust when he comes to see the execution, and when did you get those papers?

Didn't ... fooled you, Dad

Oooo, fooled Dad

And so it is that later, fooled-dad Jack reviews a folder, when he's interrupted by

Dixon introducing him to the DOJ guy who says yea for catching Sloane, it was my sig on the pardon agreement, and now looking forward to seeing the S.O.B. die

Moments later, as he watches them walk away, we see the bells going off in Jack's head and see him putting the file back in the drawer

We then see Jack going visiting Sloane, with a bottle of wine and two glasses

Now Sloane realizes Jack isn't going to help him

Jack says in April of '75, you toasted Sydney's birth with a bottle of Chambertin.
I'm just returning the honor, seeing as how the gals have the same mom

Sloane says, hey, Irina betrayed us both. She sought me out for info too, she was a KGB spy who didn't care about either of us, and your schoolboy crush is now preventing you from saving my life

Jack says he now realizes Sloane recruited Syd because he wanted to take something important away from Jack and Irina, the symbol of what Sloane didn't have, namely Sydney

And so Jack ends their final conversation with a promise, that what Sloane has done to
Sydney is nothing compared to what Jack will do when he finds Sloane's daughter

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