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In a bar on an unnamed planet, with a holographic pool table in said bar,

Mal warns Inara of possible impending danger

as he secretly slips her a large quantity of cash he liberated from a slave runner

who discovers said liberation and objects strenuously

causing a rousing bar fight to ensue that has absolutely nothing to do
with the episode's story but is quite amusing in the great amusing bar fight tradition

Back on Serenity after the opening credits, the ship approaches the planet Persephone

where Zoe and Wash look forward to a nice visit

Inara arranges to meet a recurring client

while Mal provides some biting comments on rich young men who can afford her services

On Persephone, the crew discovers there are cities with poofy dresses for sale

The crew enjoys their stroll down the street

while Kaylee becomes fascinated by the poofy dress

which Mal callously comments that Kaylee would have little use for 

and justly receives a rebuking stare from Zoe 

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