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I recognize you from the screen

Atherton Wing wonders if he could have been recognized from the bathtub scene    that was shown on weekly television last season, or in a different time period   

Mal steals a dance

and a laugh

and a smile

which greatly pisses off her date, who did after all buy her attentions for the weekend

Atherton puts a stop to the dancing and such

in a manner that Mal objects to

Atherton then points out that Inara was bought and paid for

at which point Mal decks him in a move so fast
that it was impossible to get a screen capture of the action

I'll meet you at dawn

Looks like you're going to fight a duel

Mal is not exactly pleased by this turn of events

and neither is Kaylee, who says that she was having
a great time until Mal had to get into a fight

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