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1.1 MB Theme music from "Horatio Hornblower"


390 KB Indy music from "Horatio Hornblower"


480 KB Excitement theme music from "Horatio Hornblower"


900 KB Bustling music from "Horatio Hornblower"


480 KB Dr. Who theme


A note on the MP3 files: These files are all created from video tapes, so you will hear any background sounds that might exist. We tried for scenes fairly clear of background sounds, but you can't get totally clear of them. The theme from Hornblower, captured at the end of the Wrong War episode, has Horatio breathing as he climbs to the topmost mast. The Indy music has sounds of rowing. But what the hey - it gives one the feel of the show, right?



Boys of 1800

created by Mar of Madbynorwest

357 KB



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