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Hornblower Official Sites:

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Horatio Hornblower

A&E's Official Website


Hornblower Sites:

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Starpulse - Hornblower Starpulse entertainment search and directory for Hornblower

Definitive Horatio Hornblower

Very complete site dedicated to the HH movies
Horatio's Home Page   Loads on info on HH, some from HH himself
The Admiration of Jamie Bamber Lots of pictures and info on Jamie Bamber, aka Archie Kennedy

Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade

News, information, pictures, everything Paul McGann

News, forums, galleries, filmography, shop:  Everything Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd Appreciation Site

Pictures and info about Ioan Gruffudd

Sean Gilder Home Page

Information, pictures, sound files on Sean Gilder

The Cerdonic Terrence Corrigan Page

Comprehensive info about Terrance Corrigan (Midshipman Wellard)
Mr. Paul Copley About Mr. Paul Copley, aka Matthews
Hornblower Pictures, fan fic


Hornblower Fanfic Sites:

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Horatio Hornblower Fan Fiction Archive 

Archive of fan fiction submitted to HH Fan Fiction Mailing List

Liv n Laura's HH Fan Fic

HH Fan Fiction

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