"The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne"  is a television series telling the mythical adventures of a fabulous dirigible named the Aurora and its crew of four adventurers. The time is somewhere in the 1860's. There is unrest in Europe, civil war in America, and fighting in the Balkans (as usual). The zoo animals are still intact in the Paris zoo, their fate as dinner for the hungry masses not happening for another decade. The intrepid adventurers are Phileas Fogg, Rebecca Fogg, Jules Verne, and Passepartout. "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne" stars Michael Praed, Francesca Hunt, Michel Courtemanche, and Chris Demetral. The series was created by Gavin Scott, with Pierre de Lespinois as Executive Producer and Rick Overton as creative consultant. 


Phileas Fogg
played by Michael Praed 

Rebecca Fogg
played by Francesca Hunt

Jules Verne
played by Chris Demetral  

played by Michel Courtemanche

The Aurora
played by herself

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