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Sydney is feeling rather blue due to the fact that her mom will be
going on trial for 36 counts of treason momentarily, and all because
her father framed her mother by planting explosives at a site Syd was sent to

Vaughn tells an old joke about a grasshopper in a bar   Large    

which pleases Sydney

Back at SD-6, Sloane outlines a new bio-terrorism threat associated with ...

Sark, whose sole appearance in this episode is on this video screen

Also on display is a microscopic view of the virus ...

which Marshall describes in great detail as really bad and Ebola-like ...

until Sloane halts his explanation and gives the Bristows their mission. He wants Jack and Syd
to go to a hospital in Vienna posing as father and daughter,
and get a blood sample from one of Sark's virus victims

Jack looks at Sydney ...   Large    

who doesn't appear too happy at this family outing

Afterwards, father and daughter have a brief  meeting to resolve some differences

I framed you mother because she would have done something bad eventually

You did something bad, Dad

And so Sydney decides to write a note to Devlin, explaining
just how Jack had framed Irina ...

a note that she drops off at the CIA's dead drop,
located in the big sunny public park

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