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Due to Jack's confession, a hearing is held to see if he should be punished

You were bad

I had my reasons

At long last, on tv, Jack confesses that he loves Sydney

Very very sad Sydney, hearing Jack's confession

Later that day, in a colorful bar, Vaughn makes a cell phone call
to Syd, sitting at a table in same bar

I've got the flu and your dad is going to prison for the frame job and you're mom gets her lethal injection in a few hours

Doesn't this girl ever get any good news?????   Large    

Later, in front of a nice picture of Washington from the other side of the Potomac,

the Senator whose tribunal sentenced Jack and Irina gets a bumpy ride

courtesy of Sydney, who explains that there is a senator on SD-6 payroll, and that she'll turn the info over to the FBI, instead of investigating it herself, unless the senator springs Jack and Irina, whom she needs to help her

And the Senator buys the story

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