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Later that day, Vaughn and Sydney watch opening of Irina's trial ...

only to discover that Irina plead guilty and will be sentenced to lethal injection asap

The street where Francie has her restaurant

Syd tells Will that her mom is going to get the chair, or rather needle, very soon

Bummer   Large    

Francie, meanwhile, is scurrying to prepare for the health inspector visit to her new restaurant ...

when Syd spots a hamburger behind Francie

The Hamburger

As she heads off, Will gives Syd a big hug

Back at the CIA, Vaughn approaches Devlin with his idea to look for
the KGB indicator questions on IQ tests here in the US

I know I haven't been around this season yet, but still, we don't have the manpower to do this and it's not important since there is no KGB any longer


On a lush private SD-6 jet, quite an improvement over the
cargo planes the CIA has,

Jack gives Syd back her letter that would have told Devlin that he framed Irina

Sydney is keeping score and Jack is definitely not going to get a Father's Day gift this year  Large    

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