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On a lovely sunny episode in LA

Nadia thinks Weiss is soooo sweet

while Big Sis Syd says, hey, now don't hurt him

Before Nadia can protest too much, it's those phones again, and the usual summons
to APO

At APO, a similar conversation is happening - Vaughn is warning Weiss about getting too serious about Nadia

because a previously disappointed Weiss went into a ship-in-a-bottle building frenzy, and those can be just so weird

Before we learn much more about those ships and bottles, the sisters arrive, saying
they've been cooling their heels for some time because

something is going on between closed glass doors between Jack and Sloane

A few moments later, all is revealed

Seems Sloane's merit badge for good behavior requires he recuse himself if a particular caper would lead him into contact with a forbidden list of people

so Jack is in charge of this caper and Sloane is out because

Anna Espinosa, Sydney's old nemesis from Season One, has returned from her
work on the Firefly class ship Serenity - they caught her on a surveillance tape of
a terrorist group

But ... but ... she is supposed to be dead, says Syd

That can be said about many characters in this series, answers Jack in a portending kind of way

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