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Nadia now has the Rambaldi mark on her neck

but the nice doc says, hey, skin grafts, no problemo

Nadia's main problemo is all the stuff Anna told her about Nadia and Syd being torn
apart and all

So Syd tells Nadia what she knows, from a recording of their deceased mother Irina
discussing the meaing of ...

The Mark of Rambaldi - seems the wedgy things on either side represent Irina's
daughters, and they will do great battle over the object in the center, and only one
willl survive

Nadia says, why believe some fifteenth century whacko?

Syd says, well, problem is there are a lot of whacko supporters out there who believe the stuff and are willing to make the predictions happen

Back at the prison that night, a gas masked squad enters and

injects an unconscious Sark with something

Later, fully conscious, he's put in a van for a trip to his new prison and solitary

only to have the van in an accident involving lots of gun shots

and this guy opening the van and telling Sark to get out

So once more Sark escapes from custody, although this time it appears to be a
set-up since the guards revive after Sark leaves the scene

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