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Then it's back to the park for Syd to hand over the pic of the supposedly-dead Karg

and the digit of the supposedly-dead Karg

to Sabine

who hands over this MacGuffin to Syd, with the warning it's the last remaining
sample and treat it well

Back in LA, Anna has a gift from her to Nadia to Sydney

this Rambaldi symbol branding iron

to Nadia's neck, saying that everytime Syd looks at Nadia, Syd will think of Anna, and eventually whether Nadia wants it or not, Nadia will help Anna destroy Sydney

Back in LA

Marshall identifies the MacGuffin - it's Danté putty, which makes neurotoxins in VX nerve gas multiply big-time to create a wowser of a chemical weapon. And the CRF, aka Cadmus Revolutionary Front, a new terrorist group this season, has been after this putty, so maybe Anna's working for them

There's a bit of a discussion about Marshall making a fake putty, and some talk about finding another way to get to the CRF, which has Vaughn thinking he might have a role in this episode

Syd thinks fake putty is a bad idea, too - she wants to turn over the real thing to Anna,
so she'll get back Nadia alive and moderately unharmed

Now Arvin disobeys his orders - who would have thunk - and pops into the discussion, and says, Jack's right, don't give the real Danté putty to Anna, cause killing Nadia isn't Anna's destiny

Syd puts Jack on the spot, asking if he's following destiny, and Jack decides to side with Syd - give Anna the real thing

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