Gavin Scott wrote the screenplay for the TNT mini-series "The Mists of Avalon", based on a book by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It's  Arthurian legends, but told from a woman's point of view and with lots of changes. The catalysts are  three sisters, raised in the old pagan mystical religion taught on Avalon. Viviane, aka the Lady of the Lake, is the high priestess. Igraine is destined to be the mother of Arthur, and Morgause is destined to be the jealous sister. Merlin is destined for a minor role in this show.
In this version, Igraine is married to Gorlois of Cornwall, but attracted to the newly-crowned head of Britain, Uther Pendragon. Gorlois' army attacks Uther's army. Uther kills Gorlois and marries the willing Igraine.
The story is told by Morgaine, aka Morgan le Fey, daughter of Igraine and Gorlois. She becomes quite devoted to her half brother Arthur, son of Igraine and Uther. 
While still young, the children are fostered out.  Morgaine goes with Viviane to Avalon to become a priestess, while Arthur is sent to some nondescript woods with Merlin to learn about mystic religious stuff before he takes his rightful kingly place.
Morgaine learns her lessons, becomes a priestess, and meets her cousin, Lancelot, son of Viviane.  But their flirtation is very brief as Lancelot gets a glimpse of a cute blond at Glastonbury while looking through the mists one day with Morgaine.
An encounter orchestrated by Viviane and Merlin leads Morgaine to spend a night with a masked hunter. Neither knows the others identity.
Later at Camelot, Lancelot is introduced by his cousin, Grown Arthur, to Arthur's proposed bride Gwenwyfar, who it turns out is the blond he spotted at Glastonbury. (And if you think these guys look familiar, check here or here . Or maybe here.)
Before his wedding, Arthur is reunited with his beloved sister Morgaine, to whom he confides he is only marrying Gwenwyfar out of duty and that he is more interested in this masked woman he entertained, so to speak, at the Beltane feast. Bad surprise for Morgaine, who realizes she just committed incest with Grown Arthur, and that she is also pregnant. Viviane tells an angry Morgaine that what she and Merlin arranged that night is necessary to ensure continuation of their religion.
On a rainy day,  Gwenwyfar confesses to Lancelot that she is having unholy thoughts about him, he kisses her, and immediately afterwards Gwenwyfar declares that they must both ignore the other because unholy thoughts are bad. 
Morgaine goes to sympathetic Aunt Morgause's castle to have her son, Mordred, who Morgause agrees to raise. And who Morgause sees as her tool for vengeance for choosing Igraine, and not herself, to bear the kind of England.
So Morgaine returns to Camelot, reunites once again with her bro, and discovers some good looking studs at  the Round Table.
Meanwhile, poor ole Gwenwyfar is upset that she isn't preggers, so Arthur gets this kinky idea. He decides it might be his fault, so he asks Lancelot into their bed for a threesome. That way, if Gwenwyfar becomes pregnant, they can say the child was conceived in his bed. No babies and lots of angst out of this one night.
Suddenly there are a rash of arranged marriages, including one for Morgaine with the father of the young stud she was dallying with, and an arranged marriage for Lancelot. So Morgaine goes away from court and is surprisingly happy with the old guy. And Lancelot is still pining.
Jumping forward twenty years or so, Arthur is now older, and he lost his comb. And Mordred, the young rash son of Morgaine, reveals that Arthur is his da. Which grosses out Gwenwyfar and really must blow Arthur's mind as he realizes the lady he's wanted all these years is his half-sister.
After Gwenwyfar overhears the truth of Mordred's parentage, she and Lancelot have an encounter and decide to try a fling. But as usually happens in this legend, they are caught and Gwenwyfar ends up in the nunnery. Note that Lancelot also lost his comb.
Morgaine shows up at Camelot again to try to get floundering Arthur to push back the Saxon invasion. There is a bloody confrontation on the steps, and Viviane and Morgause end up dead, and Mordred fled. Arthur and Lancelot unite, find a comb they can share, and fight in one last battle. They win, but Lancelot dies. Mordred dies by Arthur's hand. And Arthur is gravely wounded by Mordred's hand.
So Morgaine takes her bro on one last boat ride and Arthur dies in sis' arms, looking at Avalon.
Then Morgaine gets some better outfits and a nice hairstyle and visits the other nice ladies who survived in the nunnery, which is now a mixture of Christianity and Avalon mysticism.
Teleplay for "Mists of Avalon" by Gavin Scott, based on the book by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The TNT production stars Anjelica Huston as Viviane, Julianna Margulies as Morgaine, Joan Allen as Morgause, Samantha Mathis as Gwenwyfar, Edward Atterton as Arthur, Michael Vartan as Lancelot.

"The Mists of Avalon" is under the copyright of TNT - they own it.

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