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INT. tower CHAMBER (Tintagel) - DAY    (script)
Morgaine, Igraine, Morgause

INT. tower chamber (Tintagel) - night   (script)
Viviane, Merlin, Igraine



INT. council room (London) - DAY   (script)
Gorlois, Igraine, Ambrosius, Father Patricius, Lot

Gorlois, Igraine

Uther Pendragon

INT. council room (London) - DAY   (script)
Gorlois, Ambrosius, Uther, Lot

EXT. RIVERBANK (London) - DAY   (script)
Uther, Igraine

Igraine, Gorlois

Uther, Igraine, Gorlois

INT. tower CHAMBER (Tintagel) - DAY  (script)
King's Messenger and Gorlois

Morgause, Morgaine, Igraine

EXT. BATTLEMENTS (Tintagel) - NIGHT   (script)
Gorlois' army

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