"The Mists of Avalon" is a mini-series produced by TNT. It is a retelling of the Arthurian legends based on the book by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The script for the series was written by Gavin Scott, who was nominated for a Writer's Guild of America Award for the teleplay. This is King Arthur and Lancelot and Guinevere and the whole crew from a woman's point of view.

In this section the Evil Monks will digress from their usual format, because we have something rather extraordinary to build these pages around. The script is the Original Script written by Gavin Scott in its entirety. Now what was filmed contains many changes from this script. Some scenes never made it to the final filming. Some scenes were changed considerably. What we've done is associate each section of each gallery with the script scene. You can view a gallery, and click on the link there to view the associated portion of the script. We'd rather let the real script do the talking here. Our slightly tongue-in-cheek illustrated recap of the series is in the Synopsis.  


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