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Yep, the tan's still there as Sydney watches the rest of the operation, putting a tiny
explosive device into the peace diplomat's chest

Unfortunately she's discovered by one of the thugs, in fact the guy she beat up in Morocco in the last episode. Well, surprise, surprise ...

she beats him up again and escapes down a vent/shaft

which dumps her outside, on the ground, for a few hours of unconsciousness

Eventually Syd's discovered by this cute kid

who helps get her back on a bus and in touch wtih Dixon

who now learns about the minitature explosive in Patel's chest


It's Dixon's turn to see Patel, and as courteously as possible, ...

knock him out and carry him like a knocked-out-diplomat-with-bomb to ...

an ambulance that Sydney has conveniently hijacked

They prep for some impromptu surgery ....

that gets a bit bloody and chaotic because ...

the guys with the detonator start to chase them

Just in time, Dixon gets the bomb out of Patel's chest and tosses it

onto the car with the bad guys

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A Broken Heart