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After the meeting, Lauren stops Sydney with an invite to dinner out together, just the gals

Syd says, uh, ok?

A little later, Lauren's in a taxi reporting to her Covenant contact ...

the Covenant Cabbie, who says they'll send an agent to North Korea to take care of their defector, and please, what airfield are Vaughn and Bristow leaving from so we can take out their plane

Lauren says, OK, give me half an hour

So she goes back to the JTF and runs into

Hubby Target Vaughn, who says why did you ask Syd out to dinner with you, and I'm leaving from Dover air base

Lauren says, because you said to get to know her, and be safe

There's a quick goodbye smooch

before Lauren tells the Covenant Cabbie the airport location

so the Covenant can have a sniper waiting

to shoot something at the two pilots

and to get the plane's number

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