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In a deserted parking garage, Covenant Cabbie meets Sark and says go to North
Korea and pick up our defector

Sark says yeah, and who's the CIA mole, and by the way, the Covenant is a mess

Little does Sark know that he must not anger Imhotep

On the plane to Korea, Vaughn's being snarky

Syd says hey, is this because I'm like alive? 'Cause this whole triangle plotline stinks, but work with me here

Vaughn says, nope, tired of trying, and I'm fed up. So Syd says one of them has to go when they get back

While this is going on, both pilots succumb to those darty things they were shot
with and die

sending the plane plummeting

which sends Syd and Vaughn to the cockpit where they find the dead pilots
and take control

just as the radar shows an incoming missile

which they avoid by swerving, and then turning off their engines, after the swerve,

they trick the second missile that was shot to blow up the first one

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