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After lots of walking, Vaughn and Sydney come upon an abandoned car

While trying to start the car, Syd tells Vaughn she slept with Will two episodes ago, and that she's trying to move on, and he's right, the situation is impossible

Vaughn says, OK, fugitive in North Korea, you slept with Will - great day he's having

but at least they get the car moving and roll on

Meanwhile, in Koreatown in Los Angeles

Jack and his companion make a stop. She calls herself the Black Sparrow and calls on a favor owed her from ...

this man, a Mr. Cho

I need an extraction from North Korea

and he says no, too many repercussions,

so she skewers his hands,

demoing worse repercussions for non-agreement, and gets a yes

Jack, in the meantime taking out several henchmen who didn't like
the skewering, gets stabbed in the side


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