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There's a brief stop for Sydney to bandage Vaughn's wound, which she does with an extra tug on the bandage to get a nice ...

wince out of Vaughn, to get back at him for being such a jerk on the plane

Meanwhile, Jack's still in the car with his laptop and satellite link and gets an email
to be a Syd's house at 8 PM. Then he gets a phone call from Sloane

who has heard about Syd and Vaughn and offers to help. Jack says not now,
maybe later

So at 8 PM, Jack's reading Alice and drinking ...

and opens the door to find ...

this woman, who says that Sydney and Vaughn are alive

He says, good to hear, and who are you?

She says, intros later. First the deal - I'll get Syd and Vaughn safely out of
North Korea if you do something for me - kill Arvin Sloane

So Jack calls the JTF and Weiss spreads the word on alive Syd and Vaughn, and that
Jack is working on their rescue even as ...

Lauren gives a crocodile hug to Weiss for the news

before she heads for the special closet for making clandestine calls, to call her Covenant buds and say, you wienies, you missed the plane with those missiles, and I'm not a widow yet

Covenant cabbie says, oh wow - we'll keep working on you marital status

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