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Back at the CIA, Lauren takes a moment

to look at her picture of her soon-to-be-dead hubby

Shortly thereafter, the CIA gets word that Syd and Vaughn's plane has been shot down,
and not by North Koreans, so it's probably Covenant doing, and the word from on high
is that they aren't suppose to do anything - Syd and Vaughn to be disavowed

Hoping probably that disavowalment is not too painful, Jack says nothing and walks out

Dixon says screw 'em, no disavowalment, never give up, never surrender, and we'll get them, or at least their poor crumpled bodies, back

A little later, Jack's in his car, laptop and satellite uplink in hand, sending an IM to Irina

asking for


Meanwhile, back in North Korea, the plane has crashed, the Korean army is closing in,

and the satellite phone isn't working

So in full view and gunshot range of the advancing soldiers, Vaughn lights a flare, and tosses it ...

and blows up the plane and the soldier types before the soldiers can fire on them

and Syd and Vaughn run away ... very fast

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