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Jack arrives at Sloane's headquarters in Zurich to do the Sloane killing

which somehow Katya watches on a video feed

Katya calls Sloane, says guess who this is ...

and back off of Irina, and remember that you're not protected, even from friends, and that your continuing life is a favor from me

Shortly thereafter In the lobby, Jack gets a call from Katya, telling him to abort
the killing

So Jack goes in to see Sloane, no good reason now for the appointment, and Sloane
says, how's the plan going to rescue Sydney?

Jack says he just was in the neighborhood and dropped by to tell Sloane that the rescue's going great

Sloane says good, and by the way, I remember what it feels like being the target of an assassination attempt. Just sayin'

Back in Korea, things look bad for Syd and Vaughn, who has a confession to make.
He starts to tell Syd about her being the only one - video

but she stops him, says I know, we'll find each other, we always find each other

and there's a sweet kiss

from several angles


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