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Once out of the nearly-abandoned chemical factory in Estonia, with its still-working
surveillance cameras

and once the bullet has been removed from Nadia by some Estonian docs off-screen,
it's Nadia successfully removed from Estonia and ensconced in an LA hospital, in a
medically-induced coma to give her time to heal and just minor dialogue in this episode

Outside sis' room, Syd gives Sloane the news - Anna's got da bomb

Before he can comment, Sloane gets an APO call and says, later, I gotta go

Apparently he's got to go to watch this over-stated entrance of

the newly-recaptured Sark

who's talking with Sloane this time

On their wall of too many monitors, Jack and Dixon watch

Dixon points out, wait a mo, Sloane isn't suppose to be talking to Sark, that violates his CIA agreement

Jack says, ah, but Sark must speak with his mental equal -
meaning one megolomaniacal terrorist to another?

Now Sloane does his intimidation thing, showing Sark grusome pics of dead guys
he had been with in South Africa last episode


Sloane says, just sayin' if you ain't singin'

Sark says, hey, I'll sing all you want, just let me ....

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