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Now Nadia is transferred to the APO, which seems to have full medical facilities and
staff, and Sloane's not interested in being Nice Sloane anymore - Anna came after
Nadia and he wants Anna killed

But Jack says, what about your faith, about this business that you know Anna will never kill Nadia

and Sloane says it ain't about faith anymore

Now Marshall and Jack review the surveillance tape from the Estonia chemical plant
- guess that's why they went out of their way to show the camera last episode

With a little lip reading, they see Nadia asking for info on the who, what, where about the chemical bomb, the dying bad guy talking,

and Anna overhearing all of this, which explains why Anna wants to kill Nadia, according to Jack

Syd and Vaughn are going over Sark's chirpy info, involving a meeting with the
CRF guy set up via a series of classified ads

and Nadia is still in that coma

and Jack goes to the doc to ask what would happen if they woke up Nadia sooner rather than later

which the doc says could be a little dangerous rather than not very dangerous

Sometime later, over somewhere in a plane,


and Vaughn

get filled in by their traveling companion, the ever chirpy Sark, who says their CRF
contact in Venice will probably be expecting Lauren to be with Sark, but don't
worry cause he's never met the real Lauren, so ...

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