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It's a shot in the neck for San'ko

courtesy of Anna

Before Syd runs off to chase Anna, she locks up Sark

by handcuffing him to the rail

while Syd and Vaughn chase Anna, which they do unsuccessfully, only to return
and find

Sark has escaped - uh, seems we've seen this escape routine before

Sark, Anna, and a few non-speaking extras make their way to their vaporetto

and vaporetto it out of there

with Anna taking time to do a little surgery

on Sark to remove the explosive tracking device that Anna somehow knows about, and throwing it into the canal

Now Vaughn does his duty

and trys to blow off Sark's head with the tracking device

only to discover they've lost him

Oh dear, the CIA has lost Sark for the 47th time! Who'da thunk it?

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