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Back in Venice, Anna dismisses the CRF from the series with the simple comments
that they had no imagination, and so she took over from Sanko

Now Anna has da bomb, and is willing to take on a partner who already knows the guy she's arranged to sell da bomb to

Howdy, pardner

Back at the APO

Jack calls Syd with good news that they know who da buyer of da bomb is, and guess what, he's in Venice so we don't even have to change our stock footage

or put Syd and Vaughn on a plane to make an impossibly short cross-continent trip as so often happens

The newly-revived Nadia's getting visitors

and Papa Sloane is getting an earful from

Nadia's doctor, who says someone injected her with the bringing-out-of-coma drug and he knows who did it, and he's telling

Well, it's a slightly different view of Venice, composited nicely with this courtyard

where Anna and Sloane meet with their buyer

amd Vaughn and Syd watch from the roof

as the MacGuffin chemical bomb is sold

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